7 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Use Social Media At All

When I was a kid, which frankly was not long ago, computers were for parents and adults, and the only phone you ever used was the one in your house. Cell phones were rarely given out, and when I got one it was only for emergencies.

Pretty soon, smartphones were rolling out and social networks were springing up here and there. I was exposed to all of this as a teen, but didn’t get a smartphone or join social media as quickly as most people.

Kids born at the end of the ‘90s and early 2000s were the first kids to be exposed to smartphones and social media, and the ones that have both need to promptly ditch their social media accounts and just use their smartphones for music and games.

Children really shouldn’t be on social media, or much of the internet, to be honest; it’s a brutal, sexual, and creepy place, and kids shouldn’t be exposed to any of that stuff, and that’s only a few of the many reasons.

In fact, I have seven pretty legit reasons why kids shouldn’t be on social media at all, and I’m going to list them, whether you like it or not, you wifi-hogging little brat.

1: They’re like, 11 years old, dude. 

Kids are very young people.

I’m a young person, but I’m not a teenager, and I’m definitely not a kid (tell that to my face). I can be on social media, and can more than handle any of the hate or violence or nasty-ass crap that gets posted on social media.

A little kid, who is still a year or two from braces, is definitely not at the age level where something like that would be appropriate for them, and there’s a whole lot of R-rated stuff online. I don’t think the kid is being hurt at all by being kept off of social media; heck, more reason for the kid to be outside.

2: What do they even have to say? 

A 10 year old kid hasn’t seen much of the world, and doesn’t remember a lot of what he’s seen even recently.

Social media is full of pointless dribble that a 10 year old could keep up with, but I don’t know if anyone wants to hear a bunch of poop jokes- wait, I could go for a few poop jokes right now, I don’t know what I was thinking…

But besides me, most people who are fixated on their phones because of social media don’t care for that kind of crap (lol). They’d rather see some cats.

3: Trolls would go HAM.

Imagine some 30 year old troll being a douche to your little sister or brother. Yeah, I’d be pissed too.

Trolls would have a field day messing with kids, and none of it would end well. Don’t forget about the pervs, either, those rotten sickos.

4: They have plenty of time later on in life to be attached to their smartphones and addicted to social media. 

Kids need to take advantage of their youth and lack of responsibility and just be kids.

Luckily for me, smartphones haven’t just always been there in my life, and I got to enjoy my childhood without a phone in hand. If kids want to interact with their friends, call them to hangout!

These kids are going to be online eventually, and delaying it a little isn’t a bad thing.

5: The usernames would be ridiculous. 

Think about it; you’re on Instagram, and all of a sudden MonkeyButtCandyTime80085 comments on one of your pics, revealing a secret of yours so embarrassing your best friend doesn’t know about it.

Yeah, MonkeyButt needs to, and pronto. Little kids think most things they say are funny, and boy, are they great at sharing secrets.

Do yourself a favor and keep your little brother off of Instagram.

6: We already have to deal with parents on social media. 

Mom and Dad are on Facebook, maybe even more, and that really sucks.

Parents following and friending you online forces you to alter what you say and how you say it. We used to be able to speak freely, because who cares?

If your parents aren’t on social media, you’re lucky, and you better hope your younger siblings don’t get online either. If that happens, say goodbye to talking about any parties or conquests of any kind.

7: We shouldn’t influence them anymore than we already do. 

Older siblings always influence the younger ones.

Little kids are cool in that they are innocent and pure; it’s a good way to be. Social media is neither of those things, and kids should hold onto their innocence as long as possible.

Exposing them to the hatred seen daily on Twitter, or all of the political rambling and general life-hate that is all over Facebook should be the last thing on our list. The real world is cold enough; sharing with them all of the crap on social media will only make the voices louder and meaner.

Kids should not be on social media at all, and sometimes, I don’t want to be either.

Just check out this video which explains perfectly why kids shouldn’t be using social media

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